Laura Dryjanska, APA Div. 52 Treasurer Candidate

Laura Dryjanska, PhD ( Rosemead School of Psychology, Biola University , La Mirada, California) is a candidate for 2023 Division Elections of American Psychological Association.

Her Statement: ” For almost a decade I have enjoyed being a member of Division 52, which has been extremely helpful to me in terms of networking and other opportunities. I feel that now is the time to give back by volunteering to serve as the treasurer of Division 52. I do well in terms of financial literacy and understanding the importance of collective decision making in relation to money and budgets. As a former president in other volunteer-based associations (service clubs), I have always worked closely with treasurers in the United States, Ecuador, and Italy. This has given me some solid experience in terms of managing money wisely, taking into account the importance of cultural variables and different economic realities. I would be honored to serve the interests of global psychology as the treasurer of Division 52.”